Today César Luaces Frades, general secretary of Federación de Áridos – FdA & Asociación Nacional de Empresarios Fabricantes de Áridos – ANEFA (DigiEcoQuarry ‘s main coordinator), is presenting the Aggregates Europe – UEPG Roadmap for climate neutrality developed as one of DigiEcoQuarry ‘s tasks at the Aggregates Europe – UEPG’s Entrepreneurs Forum in Sweden.

There have also been other notable presentations such as a study on how the European regulation of critical raw materials affects aggregates, by Erika Ingvald, from the Institute of Geology of Sweden.

On the other hand, Antonis Antoniou Latouros, President of the Aggregates Europe – UEPG, gave a global and strategic vision of the aggregates industry in Europe in the medium term, until 2030, and Svante Axelsson, from Fossilfritt Sverige, presented the Swedish roadmap for competitiveness without fossil fuels. Anders Enetjärn, the founder of the environmental consultancy Ecogain, presented the Climb (Changing Land Use Impact on Biodiversity) project to develop relevant indicators to measure biodiversity.