Our project is growing and getting stronger every day. In fact, these days, we are celebrating its second anniversary and could not be any happier. Over the past two years, we have implemented innovative technologies in our quarries and are already seeing promising results. Our goal is quite ambitious: to transform the quarrying industry through digital technology, with a focus on becoming more efficient, reducing environmental impact, and fostering social interaction.

We have successfully implemented various technologies, such as inventorying ICT assets and de development of the quarry data lake, conducting rock characterization tests, selecting components for a mobile crusher, and installing an innovative continuous weighing system. A community engagement strategy has also been introduced. The monitoring tests’ results on the quarry’s mobile loading machinery, coupled with a worker recognition system when they enter the vicinity of the mobile machinery, showcase the full potential of having a digitized system in the mining operation.

Our initial tests have been promising, motivating us to keep moving forward. We value collaboration and knowledge sharing above all, and we plan to expand our testing, explore emerging technologies, and establish strategic partnerships in the following weeks.

We thank our partners and collaborators for their support and hard rock and for their company on this exciting journey! Let’s continue working together to drive innovation in the quarrying industry.

The best is yet to come for DEQ!