Between May 3rd and May 13th our WP5 leading team, including Montanuniversität Leoben, Chalmers University and ITK Engineering, visited all five pilot sites. The main goals of the visits, which were successfully achieved, were:

  • Improving the gathered knowledge over the processes that take place at each quarry.
  • Assessing on-site safety, environmental, and energy efficiency aspects, as part of the development of WP5 tasks.
  • Harmonizing pilot sites expectations with the tools that the WP5 team can develop for the project.
  • Discussing about multiple issues surrounding the matter of digitalization and brainstorming ideas to improve the WP5 work agenda.
Montanuniversität Leoben, Chalmers University and ITK Engineering

The team that visited the pilot sites was formed by:

Christina Lee (CHALMERS)
Jan Spaeth (ITK)
Karlheinz Pfeiffer (Network Construction Machinery)
Philipp Hartlieb (MUL)
Felipe Sánchez (MUL)
Karin Ungerer (MUL-WP2)
Rushania Gubaidullina (MUL-WP2)