ANEFA, DIGIECOQUARRY’s coordination team, has visited again two of its pilot sites: Fenouillet, owned by Granulats Vicat (Toulouse) and Alenquer, by Cimpor-Agrepor (Lisbon).

DIGIECOQUARRY has been funded by the European Union under the Horizon 2020 programme. It aims to design, develop, and validate an Intelligent Quarrying System (IQS) in five pilot sites. The IQS is composed of sensors, processes, and tools, which will capture and process all the data arising throughout the aggregate production stages. This will allow, once the system is implemented, an integrated, digitalized, automatic and real-time control of the activities carried out in a quarry.

During these months, the actions to be carried out in each pilot site have been fine-tuned to tap the full potential of each one of them, that exactly has been the case of Vicat and Cimpor. ANEFA has held face-to-face meetings to redefine the role played by some of the partners in each of the quarries. After fruitful conferences, we can assure that DIGIECOQUARRY is stronger and more focused on success than ever.