The DigiEcoQuarry Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) has announced new dates. Our whole team invites you to deepen your knowledge of the importance of aggregates and their applications, along with the different mining techniques used to process them, as well as the latest efforts in digitalization, and sustainability inside this extractive industry, and discover the last solutions developed by our team along nine key action areas. The eight-week course will start on March 4th (English and Spanish). Basic access to the course is at no charge, it will require around two hours of specific study per week, and, in the end, you can obtain an official University-backed diploma for free.

This MOOC aimed at knowing the origin and extraction, treatment, and processing of aggregates, which are the second most used resource after water. The objective of this course is to acquire fundamental knowledge about aggregates, their origin, their exploitation, the most important applications in daily life and in industry recycling, sustainability, and interaction with the environment, social dimension, and digitalization processes that are being applied and developed in this industry. It is structured in nine modules in which the basic concepts are explained.

Currently, quarries are missing the great opportunities of digitalisation. They use ≤1% of the data produced. Here, the biggest challenge is to connect all the quarry processes and integrate their management in real-time, to improve and optimize their operating regime.

DigiEcoQuarry’s ambition is to tap the full potential of “Digital Quarries” through a significant breakthrough in process digitalisation and automation capabilities for the aggregates sector.