Zero emissions, aggregates, digitalization, efficiency, mining, and environment are some of the principles at the very core of DigiEcoQuarry and were also at the heart of the Global Aggregates Information Network (GAIN) meeting in Queenstown, New Zealand. More than 40 delegees from more than 40 countries from the five continents got together at this Pacific Island to discuss and address vital issues for the future of mining.

GAIN, whose main purpose is “to openly share experiences and industry best practices in the interests of promoting the greater sustainability and performance of the aggregates industry globally”, is a hub that encompasses up to 75% of the global production of aggregates in the world.

DEQ, of course, played a central role in a forum such as this one with two special presentations conducted by César Luaces, our Project Coordinator, and Carlos Fernando Forero (General Director at Asogravas, the Colombian Aggregates’ Producers Association, one of the project’s partners). On the one hand, he introduced a pivotal document for the future of mining: Neutral Aggregates 2050 a Roadmap for Climate Neutrality in the Aggregates Industry. Aggregates Europe – UEPG, as a member of the International Advisory Board of the DigiEcoQuarry Project (GA #101003750), has contributed to the preparation, and dissemination of this document by endorsing it by its board and launching it under its umbrella.

This Roadmap provides a comprehensive response to all climate-related EU regulatory and non-regulatory policies, measuring the impact of Europe’s top ambition for a decarbonized Industry by 2050 on the aggregates sector. The adaptation of the World Bank’s Climate-Smart Mining Building Blocks to the position of Aggregates Europe – UEPG in relation to the aggregates industry shows a full alignment between the approaches of the two institutions.