The Project Technical Committee (PTC) of the DigiEcoQuarry project met telematically on Tuesday 21st December. This meeting took place after the face-to-face event of the whole consortium that was held in the auditorium of the ETSI Minas y Energía of Madrid. The chief function of this committee is to supervise the correct development of the project. The meeting was attended by 19 people from the following partners: Holcim Aggregati Calcestruzzi, Granulats Vicat, Akka High Tech, Dohmen Herzog & Partner, Montanuniversitaet Leoben, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Zabala Innovation Consulting and ANEFA.


The Project Technical Committee is composed of all the work package (WP) leaders of the DEQ project and chaired by ANEFA in its role as coordinator and MUL as co-leader. The PTC meets to gather information on the progress of the project and, in case of deviations, will advise the PMB (Project Management Board) on how to rearrange tasks and budgets. It will also support the PC (Project Coordinator) in preparing EC meetings and related data and products, preparing the contents and timing of press releases and joint publications, as well as reviewing all project documentation.


During this meeting, the work package leaders (1 to 5) discussed the risks that have been identified so far. As a result of the meeting, they defined the next steps to address the identified risks in order to ensure that they do not disrupt the development of the project.