On Wednesday, 1st of September, ANEFA visited Cronenberger Steinindustrie, thus concluding the tour of DigiEcoQuarry’s pilot sites. Part of Pescher Beteiligungen GmbH & Co. KG, CSI is an andesite quarry located near the city of Magdeburg, Germany.

After a company presentation, the coordination team was given an explanatory walk through the quarry and got to see a blasting. The treatment plant as well as the auxiliary facilities were also shown. In addition to all this, the hosts took ANEFA’s team to see the environmental and social measurements they are taken to improve the impact the site makes in the surroundings.

CSI is the reference pilot for mobile equipment digitalisation, real-time modelling, and data collection and geofence, so, once the dynamic of the site was understood, meetings during two days were held to clarify the priorities of the company within the project.

Cronenberger Steinindustrie