The Sigma Cognition team, one of the partners at DigiEcoQuarry project, visited  Cimpor’s quarry in Alenquer, near Lisbon, Portugal, to install several high-profiled technological devices that will contribute to the goals of this Horizon 2020 project: design, develop, and validate (in five pilot environments) an Innovative Quarrying System (IQS) comprising sensors, processes, tools and methods for data capture, processing and sharing to provide integrated digitalized, automatic and real-time process control for aggregates quarries.

Sigma Cognition visited this pilot to start installing different IoT (Internet of Things) sensors to reduce water consumption and measure dust propagation via AI (Artificial Intelligence) models, that they have been developing, taking into consideration various data inputs. The objective is to reduce costs in quarry production while improving working conditions and reducing the related impacts on the ecosystem.

DigiEcoQuarry is a project funded by the European Commission and led by ANEFA (the Spanish Aggregates Producers Association) that intends to tap the full potential of digital quarries through a significant breakthrough in process digitalization and automation capabilities for the aggregates sector.

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