DigiEcoQuarry is at a vital stage. One of the moments in which a project of the scope and complexity such as this one, and everyone involved in it, must take things to a whole different level. The challenge is starting to apply everything that has been planned in labs and offices to the field: going from the lab to the quarry. Putting all these machines and sensors to work along the trucks, the drillers, the plant machinery, the storage experts… to understand and manage the whole mining process.

Today, on the first day of our Consortium Meeting in Lisbon almost sixty people from 25 institutions came from three continents: eight European; one from South Africa, and one more Colombian to boost a vital project for the future of raw materials. We have had the opportunity to share the latest innovations and advances performed by every member of the team and how they have started to apply them on the different pilot sites. The improvements on the horizon of the project are enormous: more efficiency, less noise, fewer emissions, less dust, better blasting techniques…

In the coming months, the first results of the implementation of advanced technologies in the quarries are expected to be delivered globally. Although the project will continue, the innovations and technologies will already be installed and operational in the quarries. The future of the quarrying industry is being shaped in real time, and DigiEcoQuarry is at the center of this revolution. But that’s not all; there are exciting developments to come, and the project’s fourth general meeting in Lisbon promises to be a key milestone.

DigiEcoQuarry multidisciplinary and experienced consortium has been designed to cover the whole value chain of the quarrying industry (including quarry managers, extraction methods experts, and providers of quarrying assets), and innovative technology experts capable of adding great value to the mining and quarrying sector bringing it to the forefront of the innovation, such as ICT, BIM and AI experts, smart sensing technology developers, academia) as well as other relevant stakeholders such as international associations, specialists in social innovation and policy makers capable to maximize the project impact and ensure the acceptance of DigiEcoQuarry solutions by the market.