My name is Sadeq Zougari, and I am the Project Manager at Akkodis. We provide cross-industry expertise in technology and digital engineering consulting, talent services, and skilling to enable digital transformation.

In this project, my role is IT/Data Management Expert, and my team’s responsibilities include defining the digitalization requirements of the IQS (Intelligent Quarrying System), defining the processes and tools necessary for data collection, sharing, developing, and deploying the IQS concept in five quarries. Global integration is also one of the fields in which AKKODIS is working hard to be an authority.

DEQ matters because, by capturing and collecting data throughout all processes of the Quarry (Blasting, Transport, Treatment, etc.) and by developing a data management platform that stores and shares this data, quarries will have access to valuable information that can be used to develop new applications, dashboard, and AI services.

I believe that the future of this sector must consider the challenges defined by the project (Efficiency, Profitability, Safety, Environment Impact, and Societal acceptance), and the integration of all the quarry data will play a role crucial role in the improvement of the decision-making process.

Sadeq’s specialties are, amongst others: big data architecture, data management platforms, industry 4.0, zero defect strategy, cloud computing, statistics, NLP, information extraction, IoT platforms, workflow management, the challenges of Big Data…

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