Demonstration meetings have been organised during January and early February to showcase the Expert Systems (ES) software of several DigiEcoQuarry (DEQ) partners, as agreed in the DEQ Technical Committee and consortium meeting in Madrid. These meetings aimed to show the current software capacity of each partner to the other partners of the consortium. These ES demonstrations have been carried out by the technical team of each partner and counted with an average attendance of more than 40 people. These meetings have allowed all the project partners to get to know in detail the technologies involved in the project. Special attention has been paid to the data that would be generated and the functionalities they have available, answering questions such as:

  • What does your expert systems do? With special focus on inputs, outputs and functionalities: What do you measure? how do you measure it? how often do you measure it?
  • Future steps: the improvements that are proposed to be developed in your expert system for the future
  • How can they interact with other expert systems, the DEQ data lake and artificial intelligence?
  • Anything that you consider relevant related to your expert system and its integration in DEQ

The demonstrations focused in particular on data analysis for e.g. fleet management, preventive monitoring of safety conditions, noise and dust control etc. and on proposed for improvements to be developed for the future in the DEQ project.

The systems that have been presented so far correspond to those of the following partners:

  • ARCO electronics
  • Roctim
  • Dohmen, Herzog & Partner
  • Abaut
  • Maxam
  • Metso: Outotec
  • Ma-estro

After each presentation, there was a discussion among all the attendees.