On 30 August, the ANEFA team visited Agrepor Agregados – Extracção de Inertes, a pilot site near Lisbon (Portugal).

The ANEFA team met with Agrepor Agregados members at their facilities near Lisbon (Portugal) on Monday 30 August. This visit provided first-hand knowledge of their facilities as part of DigiEcoQuarry.

The meeting was part of the scheduled work plan to visit all the quarries that are integrated in the project (5 European quarries) in the first months since the launch of the project. This meeting allowed ANEFA to learn more about the pilot problems associated with the project as well as to document its requirements.

During the working session, Agrepor Agregados presented the company and described their project. Subsequently, ANEFA had the opportunity to analyse the project in situ, visiting the quarry, the production facilities and product dispatch. The meeting was used to discuss fundamental issues for the development of the IQS (Intelligent Quarrying System). Among the topics discussed was the development of the main KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) that would help in the efficient and intelligent management of a quarry. These KPIs cover different aspects that affect the management of a quarry including economic, technical, environmental, and social perspectives.