ZABALA is a Spanish SME with 200+ employees and large experience in social innovation, social awareness, stakeholder engagement and management of RTD and Innovation activities.

ZABALA has more than 16 years of experience working for social development, international cooperation, project management and human rights all around the world, with specially focus in Latin America, in which the company cooperates with over 10 international institutions.

ZABALA consults and advises in matters of social development, human rights, international cooperation for development programs, governance, democratic systems, rights of indigenous peoples and corporate social responsibility, stakeholder engagement and social participation. Their lawyers and social & environmental experts are specialised in social project developments at international; designing and implementing stakeholder engagement participation strategies and methodologies (value co-creation at national and regional level) and in access to courts and international human rights bodies, mainly the UN system, the European system and the American system.

ZABALA works with social organisations regarding social issues as inclusion, gender equality or stakeholder engagement and indigenous organisations in different countries of America (currently working as legal counsel for indigenous organisations in Argentina, Colombia, Panama and Paraguay). In addition, ZABALA advises on issues related to human rights of various NGOs.

ZABALA helps organisations manage change through:

  • Supporting economic and social actors in the path of sustainable and responsible development.
  • Contributing to the improvement of social result of the actions of civil society organisations.
  • Promoting an ethical and transparent management in both the public and in private.
  • Working in activities that directly benefit society.
  • Fostering social awareness and stakeholder participation and engagement.

Role: Leader of KSA7 and social acceptance methodologies; Project Office for management tasks; WP7 Leader.