Sigma is a Small or Medium sized Enterprise (SME) founded in 2008, in Madrid, and it is centered in the design of leading-edge Artificial Intelligence technologies and services. It has offices in Madrid (Development and R&D), London and San Francisco.

Data training is on its core technology offer being able to handle different sources of data: data, audio, text, images and video. 98% of accuracy, quality, security and speed are guaranteed over unstructured sources of data. On top of this data training layer, Sigma offers a wide variety of AI technologies, products and customised solutions in the areas of security, inspection and compliance, imaging analysis, data intelligence and generation of insights based on various data sources.

The latter portfolio suites very well the different needs of a “digitised Quarry“ where parameters are measured over its wide range of machinery and processes that need to be captured, recorded and analysed over time in order to provide advanced services that will improve the efficiency and reliability of the mining processes, on the use of materials, on the safety of the workers. Sigma has the needed experience to build an AI framework on the field in order to store and managed data over a customised Framework (Manufacturing, plants, airports, etc).

Role: Developer of AI algorithms for quarries within KTA4, Pilot in all Pilots #1 to #5.