The VICAT Group is a cement group, based in France with a turnover of 2,6 billion euros. Present in 13 countries, it employs nearly 9000 people. Historically, Louis VICAT was behind the invention of cement in the early 19th century. He refused to file the patent for the benefit of the greatest number. His son founded the VICAT Company 165 ago. VICAT is still managed by the founding family.

The VICAT Group has three main businesses: cement, ready-mixed concrete and aggregates. GRANULATS VICAT is its subsidiary grouping all quarries and recycling/trading platforms in France. GRANULATS VICAT operates more than 40 quarries in France and 40 platforms. Very involved in the circular economy, 60 of its sites participate to the recovery of construction and demolition wastes: recycling platforms or quarry’s restoration made with external materials from job sites (earthworks, etc.).

Role: Pilot #1. Reference pilot for KSA7.1 (social acceptance) and KTA2.1 (mobile crusher).