WP1 Digital innovative quarry requirements definition, where the basis for the development of the Key Technology Areas – KTAs is stablished, starting from requirements definition and towards the fulfilment of the KPIs defined. The technical requirements for all KTAs will be defined as a starting point for the development WPs.

WP2, WP3, WP4, WP5 Selection, development and integration of technologies towards Industry 4.0, where the selection of the aggregates extraction (KTA1) and processing (KTA2) techniques are developed, including the definition of connection input and development of smart sensors (KTA3), as well as the development of H&S (KTA5) and environmental (KTA6) innovative systems to be integrated within the IQS (KTA4) to drive digitalisation towards Industry 4.0.

Within WP2, the development of the quarrying technologies including main project assets will be carried out, especially focused on KTA1 (for the extraction phase) and KTA2 (for treatment) to achieve mature technologies with increased TRLs.

The objective of WP3 is to identify the data coming from the different phases of the quarry, fine tune and adapt the sensors for the information required and clearly define the inputs needed for automation and process control (dealing with KTA3 developments).

In consequence, WP4 will develop the appropriate interfaces and data management architecture and procedures for the integration of the technologies into the IQS and IoT platform, as well as the development of AI algorithms and BIM for optimised decision making (KTA4).

WP5 will focus on the developments of the tools related to the cross-cutting topics of H&S and environment (KTA5 and kta6).

Implementation and validation, including the implementation of all the developments in the different pilot demonstration sites, including the operation, monitoring and assessment of the results ensuring efficiency of the solutions proposed and meeting the target KPIs to overcome the 4 challenges.

As a result, WP6 will encompass the planning and executing of the pilot activities in the 5 pilot sites, including the operation, monitoring and testing during the demonstration period and subsequent assessment of results.

Social acceptance, market uptake and management, including the definition of mechanisms for social acceptance, clustering activities for a solid contribution to knowledge improvement in the sector of RM, dissemination, communication & exploitation activities and project management.

WP7 will focus on KSA7, to establish mechanisms, tools and methodologies to obtain the SLO in the 5 pilot quarries.

WP8 will establish a powerful, solid network of stakeholders (KS8).

WP9 will ensure dissemination and communication, including exploitation and business plan definition.

WP10 will deal with project management and interactions with the EC