The engineering company DOHMEN, HERZOG & Partner GmbH (DOHMEN) has been internationally successfully operating in the raw materials sector for more than 25 years. The focus of activities concentrates on the assessment of survey and exploration data, modelling and evaluation of deposits, mine and pit layouts, mining engineering and reclamation proposals as well as licensing procedures. Further, DH&P develops the advanced and job orientated planning and information software AutoPLAN/smartQuarry, an important tool in the aggregate mining industry.

DH&P is an extraordinary member of Miro (Bundesverband Mineralische Rohstoffe e.V., Federal Association of Mineral Resources, Cologne), member of the consortium ABBM (Bayerische Bergbau- und Mineralgewinnungsbetriebe e.V.) and is actively supporting students’ training at universities by teaching assignments and the placing of numerous Diploma, Bachelor and Master thesis.

Role: Developer of Mobile equipment digitalisation, real-time modelling & data collection technologies within KTA3, Pilot in CSI’s Pilots #4; WP3 Co-leader.