Cronenberger Steinindustrie Franz Triches GmbH & Co.KG (CSI) is a subsidiary of Pescher Beteiligungen GmbH & Co.KG, which is a fifth-generation family business that runs quarries in Germany and Nigeria for 107 years. Main products in all quarries have been aggregates for road construction (asphalt, concrete) with special focus on high quality aggregates used in top layers of roads, railroad ballast, armourstones for waterway construction and materials for production of concrete precast parts such as railway sleepers. Currently the group employs 150 people in three quarries in Germany and one recycling plant, and produces about 3 Mill Tn/p.y.

Since 1998, CSI operates a quarry in Germany’s most northern hardrock formation and extracts and processes on average 1.2 Mill Tn/p.y. of a volcanic hard rock material called Andesite. For extraction of the rock about 600 Tsd Tn/p.y. of gravel and sand material have to be removed which yields in an overall production of on average 1.8 Mill Tn/p.y.

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