We’re delighted to share the exciting takeaways from our recent project management meeting for DigiEcoQuarry, hosted in the amazing city of Lisbon. This gathering was nothing short of fruitful, resulting in valuable insights to set the course for our future endeavors.

A standout conclusion from the meeting was the pivotal importance of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). We recognized the need to determine the main KPIs as they play a central role in evaluating our quarry operations’ performance. We understand that our quarry personnel have limited time to delve into extensive data, so our focus is on crafting a user-friendly and straightforward dashboard, making their work more efficient.

In the quest for effective decision-making, we underscored the crucial role of data flow. Our data journey commences at the very heart of the quarry, flows through the data lake, and culminates at the data warehouse. It then reaches the end-users who rely on multiple dashboards for their daily tasks. Ensuring the seamless flow of this data pipeline is a top priority for us.

Our commitment extends to continuous improvement in the technologies already integrated into our quarries. This exciting journey kicks off with rigorous performance validation in real-world pilot installations. Furthermore, our communication and cluster activities have been well-received, but we’re mindful of adapting these activities to the new technological landscape in our quarries. Field trials in our quarries will provide invaluable insights for further refinement.

On another note, our team dedicated to social and community relations is gearing up to implement tailored strategies for each quarry. These strategies have been thoughtfully developed to strengthen our connections with the communities where we operate, aligning our efforts with their needs.

In conclusion, our meeting in Lisbon was a resounding success, and we’re enthusiastic about carrying these insights forward. We’re embarking on an exciting journey to make our quarries more efficient, data-driven, and community-oriented. Stay tuned for more updates on our progress! We extend our heartfelt thanks for your unwavering support and dedication to the DigiEcoQuarry project. Together, we’re poised to achieve remarkable milestones!

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