The Colombian Stone Sand and Gravel Association – ASOGRAVAS, is a non-profit trade association that brings together building materials producers essential for infrastructure and housing. It was founded on July 18, 1986 in Bogotá, Colombia, currently becoming the only specialised association in the aggregates industry with a high level of recognition among public and private actors.

ASOGRAVAS has encouraged its members and the extractive industry in general to use strategic planning, integrated quality control for processes and products, health and safety programs, advanced clean technologies, circular economy, total legal compliance, mining rehabilitation and restauration as well as social programs to return benefits to the communities. ASOGRAVAS main goals are based upon making possible the development of current aggregates mining projects under the best possible conditions. In order to do that, it develops national regional and local strategies, such as: the use of the most advance tools within land planning process, mining, environmental, tax controls to combat illegal producers.

On the other hand, ASOGRAVAS works towards the improvement of productivity and competitiveness among its members using best available technologies, digital tools through partnership with equipment and machinery suppliers as well as universities and development centres. It also provides affiliates with timely and updated market information to help them make accurate business decisions.

ASOGRAVAS is member of the Global Aggregates Industry Network, Aggregates Iberoamerican Federation, Colombian Building Materials Partnership, Reserves and Resources Colombian Commission and Work, Health & Safety Colombian Commission. Moreover, the association has signed two national agreements for development and employment with the Colombian President, one for the mining Industry and the other one in the construction sector.

Role: International cooperation with LATAM; Participation in social acceptance, dissemination, clustering, communication, interaction with policy makers.