APP Consultoria is an international company, based in Madrid (Spain). APP provides innovative Engineering and Project Management services, technological implementations, as well as integrations, training and support services in claims, in projects throughout the AEC sector, including mining and quarries, linear projects, construction and oil and gas. This translates into improved visibility of all project data, allowing us to make appropriate and well-founded decisions.

APP is specialised in Enterprise Project Portfolio Management, Time-Location Planning, 4D BIM Planning and 5D BIM Estimations, Schedule Diagnostics, Risk and Forensic Schedule Analysis. Through a unique combination of tools and services, APP is able to provide an end-to-end solution to project and program management needs of organisations regardless of their project size or complexity. APP is member of Building Smart – Spanish, Canada and Turkey Chapter; and Canada BIM Council (CanBIM).

For the proposal, APP offers a complete suite of solutions for the integration of all data used in the monitoring and planning of mining operations, processing plants, as well as management offices to generate a central trusted source of data and information for increased productivity, monitoring improvements, risk mitigation and variance management across the European mining industry.

Role: Developer of BIM technologies for quarries within KTA4, Pilot in all Pilots #1 to #5.