ABAUT provides services for automated recognition and analysis of mining and construction activities and other industrial events, from sensor & image data, together with the specific hardware for data collection – in house developed process recognition sensors. Machine learning algorithms running on a powerful big data system are used for data analysis and visualisation. The manufacturer-independent and universal usable solution offers real time actionable insights on the in-pit/on-site activities of heavy machinery and on other subsequent logistics processes.

The solution is highly flexible and scalable; emphasis is placed on interoperability with third party systems and on standardization.

ABAUT’s customers implement the solution to monitor the behaviour of the mobile mining machines working on the sites and the working environment, in order to recognise machinery activity patterns and the interaction between machines partnering in a mining process (e.g. loading and unloading), identify the presence of objects and persons in specific areas, track material mass flow (extracted ore vs. waste rock), estimate efforts/energy consumed in the mining process and evaluate the performance of the whole mining operation according to specific KPIs.

In terms of membership and clustering, ABAUT is member of the EIT RawMaterial network (participating in the Accelerator Program 1, Accelerator Program 2 and EIT RM Booster Call 2019), collaborates with Fraunhofer Institute and participates in the ESA Incubator Program and Gateway Network (WinSmart).

Role: Developer of monitoring sensors and analysing tools for Mobile Machinery in Loading & Transport and recognition system for workers, Pilot in VICAT’s Pilot #1, HANSON’s Pilot #2, Cemex’s Pilot #3 and CIMPOR’s Pilot #5; WP3 Co-leader.